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Want To Get Rid of Your IT Rut? Follow These 5 Great Pieces of Advice

If you are in an IT job, I am sure you must be feeling the same as I do every morning.

Whether you work at a junior or a senior position, in every capacity, you repeat the same thing you have been doing since Covid-19 has caught the whole world in its grip.

Every morning you log into your system, wear the same pajama pants, check out anything urgent (if there is), talk to your juniors or seniors (if required), and then the saga of the same activities start and continue until you get dog tired or ask for a break.

Considering your long working hours and hard work you put in, you think of asking for a raise or promotion, but as you think of doing that another issue arises in your organization, or the company sends a mail to employees explaining how Covid-19 has caused the demise and decline of your company’s ROI. 

Again, you compromise and engross yourself in doing the same mundane work that you’ve been doing since this life-threatening pandemic has spread around the world.

So… now what? How can you come out when you are stuck into IT rut?

Fear not, I have a few good pieces of advice that will help you get out of this mundane IT rut.

  1. Give yourself a fresh view

It is the surrounding of your home or apartment that makes or mar your mood. 

And when you are working within the four walls of your home or apartment, you surely need to keep changing it. 

Now the point is what you can do to make your surroundings sound positive and make you feel refreshed every time you get into your working room, office or the adjusted office that you had to create in a hurry to lockdown.

You can change scenery to boost your spirits and your focus. This is because our brains love novelty.

Moreover, when you work in a new environment, it gives you a dose of motivation. You can also rearrange the furniture in your office or home space. Instead of working on your coach, you can also start working from the kitchen table.

You can set up shop on your balcony or your patio.

You can also add a new plant or some new art to your desktop if you are able to get it online.

By making these little changes, you can have an unusually large impact on your attitude.

  1. Switch up your tried and true routine

The more you change your routine the better. When you constantly make changes in your routine work, you always have a new start and a new ending. If you don’t trust me, you can try it now because I have been doing it since this pandemic period.

Hitting the “repeat” button every single workday won’t just increase your boredom but also land you in a state of frustration by creating a lot of personal and professional problems.

So, when you are working from home in this time, you have more flexibility than ever, hence you can shake things up and change your workday routine.

For example, you can get your workout in over your lunch break, block off Wednesday as your meeting-free day so that you can focus more on the larger projects.

Or, you can also try and test out a time management technique and thus become more productive and enthusiastic about your professional and personal responsibilities.

So, keep on making some changes to your routine workday to make your day refreshed.

And if you continue to do the same thing every day, your rut will get deeper and deeper.

  1. Criticizing and backbiting

I don’t know whether you like it or not. But I am sure if you are in an information technology company, you cannot keep yourself immune from this trait.

Whether you are a male or a female, a junior or senior employee, in a small or a big size information technology company, almost everyone loves doing it.  

Let me tell you I do that and I love it. After or during your working hours, you can pick any of your office colleagues, share with him/her any latest upheaval or improvements that have taken place in your organization, show him/her anything you find interesting.

This will not only help in lightening your mood but also help you understand others and their attitude towards you and the company you are working for.

But be wary that every conversation or communication you make with that person should be light with a little spiciness, criticism, humor and manipulation so that you are not trapped.

By doing so, you cannot only shake off your frustration but also get more clear about certain things.

  1. Get up and stand up for your rights

I may sound a little revolutionary here. But it’s true that if you are working under pressure due to this Covid-19, you are being exploited by your seniors and your family life is getting disturbed due to the long working hours, you need to speak up.

Yes, you need to speak against what is causing you mental tension instead of wearing it for long. While working with an IT company, always remember one thing, “You are a Human, not He-Man.” 

Hence, do your best until your working hours end, and if your seniors try to burden you more with extra work right after your working hours, you must speak up and stand against that and tell your senior what you feel.

So, instead of working like a donkey in your organization, work as a smart employee.

Better if you create a secondary source of income during this pandemic time so that you do not solely depend upon your company.

Why I am saying this is because no company can be yours no matter how productive, punctual and hard-working you are.

  1. Pandemic – a blessing in disguise

Yes, it’s true, this Covid-19 is truly a blessing in disguise not only for the companies but for employees, as well.

Where companies, in the name of work, are taking more and more work from their employees by making them work for long working hours, employees are also feeling helpless and cannot do anything but continue.

However, if you look at this pandemic from my point of view and try to learn something new during this pandemic time, it will not only enhance your skills but also opens doors for further good opportunities.

Best of all, what you were not able to do when you were working full time in your office before Covid-19, you can make it easily and effectively possible by snatching some extra time from your busy schedule.

If you are a designer, you can learn about some designing tools. If you are an SEO professional, you can learn some SEO tools. If you are a developer, you can learn about the development software.

If you are a marketing professional, you can also learn something that will enhance your marketing skills. I mean you can learn a lot during this time.


So, if you want to pull yourself out of your work rut and reignite some excitement and passion for your job, use the above four tips and get rid of the mundane atmosphere.

After reading the article about the 5 effective pieces of advice to get rid of your IT job rut,  we hope that you would like to know more about the company that can best guide you through.

If you have any questions about the information technology software or tools or need some experts’ advice to implement the same, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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