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Top 10 Apps To Boost Your Creativity

Are you a creative designer who gets stuck in a rut when it comes to anything creative?

Are you a creative designer, looking for creative design apps to be more creative in work?

Do you also face a mental block situation when it comes to producing something creative?

Is a ginormous workload not letting you be as creative as you used to be a few days back?                                                     

Does your boss ask you to take a break to divert your brain believing changing scenery around you will help when it comes to bringing the creative senses back to life?

If you say a big ‘Yes’ to all the above questions, there are certain tech-driven solutions in terms of creative apps that can help boost your creativity and a few tools that will help you pull yourself and get you rid of the mental block that doesn’t let you be creative.

Creative people do face situations while working on more than one design element on a daily basis.

This article will tell you a few of the best Android & iPhone apps that can help in achieving design nirvana and extract your creative juices out to flow without any disruption.

Best time to use any of the below discussed is when you want to get inspired or feel stuck in your creative rut. So, tap them and keep your creativity at the top of its game.

Top 10 Apps To Boost Your Creativity

1. SimpleMind

SimpleMind dominates as one of the most creativity-boosting or creative apps when it comes to cross-platform mind mapping tools.

Specifically designed for iOS devices, this creative app helps its users in generating creative ideas, organizing their thoughts, and keeping things in control. 

Overall, this is an intuitive and beautiful creativity-boosting app that helps with mind map notwithstanding your location.

2. Brainsparker

If you are looking for an app that can help you unleash your creativity, go for Brainsparker.

This creativity boosting app not only allows you to get inspired as creative prompts but also lets you be immensely creative in your creative thought process. It helps in kickstarting your creativity

It is available to install from iOS and lures you to be somewhat greedy for new as well as creative ideas as it comes with too many to offer in terms of words, images, quotes, questions, and actions. Overall, the app gets you everything you expect from it.

3. TED

Looking to buy and install an app that you can use to feed your curiosity and help in expanding your world?

Go with TED Talks!.

The app page claims to offer you not less than 2,000 TED Talks from notable people, by mood and topic, from science and tech to the surprises of your own psychology.

 4. Coffitivity

Want to give an extra kick in other aspects of your workday? Download Coffitivity!

Looking to download an app that can help you work offline but work better, as well. Download Coffitivity!

The Coffitivity OSX App is the brainchild of Siwalik Mukherjee and requires an updated iOS device. says, “Simple utility brings the feel of a coffee shop to your home office.”

5. Unstuck

Unstuck helps you unstuck when you are stuck or you are not getting creative in your ideas.

This creativity boosting app works like a life + soul coach, unlocks the innate wisdom hidden inside you.

The app unlocks the mind block by discovering why you are stuck in a certain area and helps you on how to unstuck. The app lets you achieve your goals in a viable manner.

So, give yourself the space to get unstuck?

6. Curator

Curator is the ‘No. 1 tool when you want to keep your creative process on track.’ 

However, to enjoy its amazing performance, you need to collaborate yourself with others.

It helps you in creating visual notes, collecting and organizing inspiration, enhancing your visual storytelling capabilities, and generating mood boards. 

Additionally, it is also useful in exporting them to PDFs or directly sharing them in the app. 

The amazing app also helps you in preparing and making presentations on a visual reference library.

7. Adobe XD

Adobe XD’ is ‘By designers, for designers.’ The app helps all the creative designers registered with it in reimagining how to produce and bring in user experiences, so they can take their ideas from artboard to wireframe to interactive prototype in minutes.

So, Adobe XD’ allows you to design, prototype, share…

8. Ideament

Seeking a mobile app that can help to brainstorm new ideas? Ideament works best for you.

The creativity boosting app is of immense help when it comes to creating diagrams, mind maps, concept maps, or flow charts. Besides, it also lets you convert them into a text outline, similar to Idea Sketch.

Best of all, this amazing app’s cloud-friendly features help you in saving or sharing your ideas.

9. Notability

Note-taking apps are most demanded by people with a creative bent of mind and Notability,  in this regard, works as an ultimate tool. 

The app has photos, handwriting, and typing in a single note and gives a tough competition to its competitors as it allows for lots of sketching and note-taking tools that help record your ideas.

10. Paper By FiftyThree

This immersive drawing app is the brainchild of FiftyThree or 53 CM. 

Paper  By FiftyThree not only allows for making great things happen but also brings about digital tools for future creative people to stir a better future. 

The app allows for capturing ideas anytime, anywhere with a purpose-built iOS11 app. 

Leveraged by more than 25mln people, it helps while sketching, writing, and promptly netting the ideas.

After reading this article about Top 10 Apps To Boost Your Creativity, we hope that you would like to know more about the creativity boosting apps that can help you be more creative in your work.

If you have any questions about how creativity-boosting apps can help extract your creative juice out of your creative mind and how these apps help in increasing your productivity,  we would be more than happy to answer all of them in the comment section below.

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