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10 Best Productivity Tools You Can’t Live Without

Productivity comes with commitment, intelligent planning, and consistency in job.

However, as technology is advancing and competition is increasing with each day, you should also not ignore the advanced and avant-garde productivity tools if you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors in the market today and tomorrow.

In today’s post, I will talk about the 10 best productivity tools neither you can’t nor you shouldn’t live without. 

If you are already using any of them, please ignore and if not, please grab them.

10 Best Productivity Tools


Are you a WordPress web designer?

Do you have to set up dozens of WordPress websites every week, every month, or every year?

Are you tired of installing the same standard themes, plugins and removing sample content?

If yes, use WProller – a great productivity tool for you. Not only does this easy-to-use tool help in reducing the busywork you often do, but also helps create custom WordPress installation files such as any plugins, themes, and standard settings, based on your requirement. 

All you need to do is just configure what you are looking for on the site and download your custom zip file.

As you install it, your website is ready to go and you can reuse your configurations.

Best of all, WProller comes free of cost! So, what are you waiting for? Install it now!


If you think your clients can forget to optimize images after the handover, then use Optimole.

As a designer & an SEO expert, you know how crucial it is to optimize images if you want to increase the performance of your website and its search engine optimization. Besides, you need to make visuals as small as possible

Optimole is a WP plugin-another productivity tool that can automatically compress any images uploaded by you to WordPress. The catch is that this productivity tool makes all this possible without affecting the quality.

XAMPP –  open-source tool for designers

Want a design tool that can help you set up your WP websites locally on your PC?

Give a go-to XAMPP!

Specially created for designers, you can use this useful productivity tool if you want to set up WordPress websites locally on your computer. So, you need not depend upon a live server when you want to design and build your website. 

Best of all, you can do it anywhere without even being noticed when you are screwing up.

Being an open-source program, this great productivity tool comes free of cost and can be set up easily.


Similar to other elements, visuals also play an indispensable role in the web design field.

As a designer, you are in often need of images so that you can populate your or your client (s) websites and make them look more attractive and engaging for the users.

While there are many popular options like stock images or you can create the images on your own, to avoid generic stock photos, you can choose to go with Unsplash.

This is a completely free platform to get high-quality images with a different flavor.

But, all the images here are CC0 licensed, so you can use them to your heart’s content.

Isn’t it awesome?

Other available services are Pexels, MyStock.Photos, Pixabay and Death to Stock Photo.

Code editors

If you believe, code editors are meant only for web developers, they also hold equal importance for the designers who have to implement their own work on websites. 

There are many different free as well as paid offers you can choose from, such as:

Browser Developer tools

Being a designer, if you are looking for some great productivity tools so you can look at the code behind pages, debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript and test live design changes, go with Browser Developer tools. These are the most crucial productivity tools.

Browser Developer tools not only help you look at the code behind pages, debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript but also allow you to do live testing of design changes.

That apart, these productivity tools also help in stimulating mobile environments and measuring performance, thanks to the use of some other tools available with them. 

Developer tools come built-in with all leading browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most used work management and document storage software that you can use to collaborate. You can use the software through your phone, tablet, or computer to create, write, access, edit, and collaborate wherever you go.

Best of all, this great productivity tool allows you to do all these functions when there is no connection at all.

Top features of Google Docs

  1. Choose from a variety of resume, reports, and pre-made documents
  2. Create a document through a browser or mobile app
  3. Smart editing and styling tools

Time Doctor

Want to know the whereabouts of your team working on your project abroad? 

Want to know where your team spends time when you are miles away from them? 

Get Time Doctor! This is an ideal employee-monitoring tool to help you know about the whereabouts and activities of your team members working for you abroad.

The time-tracking and productivity tool is specifically designed to help you monitor your remote teams’ activities working for you but living miles away from you.

Top features of Time Doctor:

  1. Web and app usage monitoring
  2. Alerts to avoid distractions
  3. Screenshots recording

Microsoft OneNote

Need a handy app to take impromptu notes? Microsoft OneNote is the one that can cater to your needs. Whether you want to use it in your laptop or smartphone, this digital note-taking productivity tool or app is compatible with any platform or device.

With this great productivity tool or app, you can type, write, or draw with the free-form feel of pen to paper.

So, what’s needed?

To use this productivity app, all you need is to select a notebook, a section, and start creating a new page.

Top features of Microsoft OneNote:

  1. Optical character recognition from images
  2. Real-time collaboration
  3. Audio/video recording


Grammarly is an AI-powered language-checking tool that not only allows you to correct your grammatical mistakes but also suggests the best possible improvements for clarity, engagement, delivery, and more, based on your goals and audience.

The latest feature in this language-checking productivity tool is its browser extension, which helps with writing suggestions while typing on different websites, thus getting you rid of manual writing work that you do in the tool to check it for mistakes.

So, this tool is perfect not just for those whose daily tasks relate to loads of writing or those who continue to send a few emails either to promote their product or services.

Finally, I would say that just as a carpenter has his own set of productivity tools like a hammer, and an artist has his own set of tools such as brushes, similarly every writer, developer, and coder comes with his/her favorite set of productivity tools. These productivity tools not only help them efficiently work but also allow them to be more productivity towards it. The more productivity the more business you will have.

After reading the article about productivity tools, we hope that you want to know more about the company that can help you with the best productivity tools ever.

If you have any questions about the productivity tools and creativity tools or need some experts’ advice on how the productivity tools can affect your business productivity, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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