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Check How Cool Background Images & Videos Add “Wow” Factor To Your Website

Similar to other aspects of a website, the background of your website also needs attention.

Yes, this is crucial if you want your viewers to say “Wow” and keep visiting it regularly.

Okay, tell me what’s the use of a website, which doesn’t make you jump in excitement.

I have seen many who, instead of paying attention to this aspect, heed only to other ones.

Of course, a site must be perfect on all fronts, but if it’s background isn’t heeded, your viewers might turn their heads to some other websites, due to being bored of yours.

While there are many options that you can use to enhance the background of your website, finding the one that can best cater to your site’s needs is really not an easy task.

So, the more attention you pay to the other aspects of your website, you should equally heed its background aspect, as well. And you can make it possible easily.

Today I will go over how you can choose the cool background images and videos for your website and keep your viewers glued to it by adding a “Wow” factor.

How to create cool background with cool images and videos?

Choose the right image?

By selecting and including the right image, you can immediately impact your audience. 

Because the right image will not only help in setting the right mood but also instantly and ideally communicate what your site is about and what services you offer.

That apart, with the right choice of an image, you can also bring to light some of your best assets, for example, your location, your product, or even you! Remember, a large background image is what will first impress your users about your site.

So, be wise enough when opting for a cool background image or a video for your website.

In case, you are unable to finalize an ideal image for your site, choose to go with a slideshow.

A large, cool background image can help set the tone for your site: serene, serious, or happy.

Size does matter

Yes, size does matter when it comes to the background image for a website or a video.

It is always better to opt for an image, which has the right technical specs, for example, instead of choosing a vertically oriented image, opt for the horizontally oriented one. Let me tell you that a horizontal image can fit today’s widescreen computers.

Most of the PCs today support at least 1024 x 768 pixels resolution. So, your background image must meet that size. Better if you make it at least 1200 pixels wide.

If you upload a 500 pixel image, it will lead to a pixelated or blurry background, and nobody is looking for that. In case, you want to know the pixel size of your image, go with certain photo-editing tools.

Or if you want to do it on your own, right-click on the image file, choose “Properties” and then the “Summary” tab.

If you are on your Mac PC, simply right-click on the available image file, opt for “Get Info,” and then click on “More Info.” Here you can see the dimensions in pixels.

Find the right resources to get cool background images

If you have no designer or video creator to create a cool background image or video for your website, have access to the resources online that offer free yet high-quality stock images or videos that you can use without royalties and legality.

To name a few free stock images/video websites are Pixabay, Fotolia, and UnSplash.

Want to know about the top 10 free stock images and videos sites? Check it out here.

To tile or not to tile?

If you are going to use a background image for your website, avoid tiling it. There are websites that have a repeatedly-used small image in the background. 

Not only does it look busy but a little jarring, as well. Instead of repeating the same image, add a high-quality image that’s set to full-width and its splendor is worth seeing.

While a tiled background does work nice, only with subtle patterns, for example, a  wallpaper.

In case you want to go with this option, opt for an image that can be tiled seamlessly and that doesn’t clash when fixed to repeat. Moreover, you can also play around with varied patterns and colors so that you can find a repeat background that will meet and match your site instead of straining the eyes of your visitors.

After the cool background images, let’s know about the cool background videos.

Video backgrounds

If you want to add a subtle “wow” factor to your website, add a good quality video to it.

Since internet connections have become faster, video backgrounds are also getting all the rage around the web. However, while using this feature, you have to be careful. 

Use ambient and calm videos if you want the effect to work better on your site.

For example, you can check out the video background on the Google Hangouts website.

If there is fast pace and quick cuts, your viewers will not be able to focus on the content.

So, pick a short video, which comes with a seamless loop at the start as well as end of it.

If you can’t find a resource from where you can find the high quality videos, check out Pond5.

The website features lots of stock royalty-free video clips with a wide range of subjects.

Before closing, what you need to keep in mind while adding images or videos to your site are:

  1. Go with the images that are highly resoluted (1024x768px minimum—the bigger the better).
  2. Don’t forget to use those images in landscape mode, instead portrait mode.
  3. Avoid tiling images without any need.
  4. For video background, choose only subtle quality videos but only with a little action in them.
  5. If you embed a video full of actions, your visitors will become motionless sick.

So, adhere to the above tips if you want your website to stand out from the rest.

After reading the article about free stock images & videos, we hope that you want to know more about the company that can help in enhancing your website background by including cool background images as well as videos on it.

If you have any questions about the free stock images & videos websites or platforms covered in this article or need some experts’ advice on how they can affect your business, we would be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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